Women’s conferences and events

FAST forward confidence workshop  

This provocative, interactive session gives women across levels tangible and actionable practices to fuel their confidence, power and peace. Women face unique challenges in the workplace, but their greatest nemesis is their inner critic. Women go to work on this negative, debilitating voice whispering that they are an imposter, not good enough, smart enough, underperforming or unworthy of success and happiness. Using brain science and a cathartic, game-changing exercise, women leave inspired to focus on their strengths and to nurture the most important relationship they have- the one with themselves.

Groups range from 30 - 400. Timing ranges from 60 - 120 mins.

FAST forward BOLD vision WORKSHOP 

What would extraordinary success look like one year from today?

Clients across industries are using the Fast Forward Bold Vision workshop to ignite their people, culture, and business. Many offsites and sales meetings are passive and “in the stands”. Get your people “on the field” playing and thinking. Fast Forward’s unique whole life approach is a game-changer and relevant to all levels.

Tangible outcomes:

  • Identify and commit to bold and important professional and personal outcomes

  • Challenge limiting beliefs to unlock new possibilities

  • Share aspirations with colleagues- fueling accountability, connection, and vulnerability

  • Leave equipped to powerfully deal with change and uncertainty

Thousands of executives around the world are using Fast Forward Visions to inspire themselves and their teams throughout the year. Clients include Facebook, Google, NBCU, JPMorgan Chase, Bloomberg, Domino’s, Nike, and Unilever.  

Groups range from 30 to 400. Timing ranges from 60 to 120 mins.