Fast Forward Vision Exercise:

Fast Forward one year from today: what does extraordinary success look like?

Share about your year as if it's already happened. Use past and present (vs. future) tense.

You do not need to know how to get there.

Visions are usually 1-3 pages in length. The questions below are to direct the thinking vs. be answered in a linear way.


Questions to Get Started: 

What are you known for?

What were your accomplishments professionally? Use key metrics so you can track progress.

Describe the culture of your team/company. How do people feel working here? How do people communicate and collaborate? Use key metrics where relevant.

How did you grow and improve in your role?

What were your accomplishments personally? Be vivid and specific. Areas can include: health/well-being, relationships, family, friends, community, recreation, finances, home, etc.

What is your outlook on life?

Describe the quality of important relationships — professional and personal. Be as specific as possible (e.g. your relationship with yourself, your manager, internal & external stakeholders, partner/family, friends).


Using Your Vision:

Share your Vision with people who are important to you – at work and in your life

Read monthly – this is your compass

Track progress/gaps quarterly

Refine/update annually


Download Sample Visions