Speaking Engagements

The Fast Forward Group’s energizing speakers are known for igniting people to expand what they see as possible and elevate their performance and fulfillment. Participants leave our sessions with actionable tools and practices to fuel their business, career and life in today’s always-on high pressure world. Companies across industries use Fast Forward for off-sites, conferences, client events and sales meetings. 


Leadership Meetings/Annual Conferences/Off-sites


Fast Forward to one year from today: What does extraordinary success look like for you? This provocative and interactive session inspires people to take ownership of their business, career and life. They see the value of taking on commitments they don’t know how to achieve yet – outcomes that are unpredictable and important to them.  Participants discuss limiting beliefs and expand what they see as possible. They leave inspired to write and share a bold vision that will fuel them professionally and personally. This session provides a unique, actionable exercise that participants can use for years to come.

30 mins - 2 hours

Women's conferences / events


Women face unique challenges in the workplace but their greatest nemesis isn’t within the organization -- it’s their own internal critical voice. We rarely acknowledge this part of ourselves, and yet it’s often our biggest foe. This invisible threat whispers to us, relentlessly, that we are an imposter, not good enough, smart enough, underperforming or unworthy of success and happiness. This interactive session includes a cathartic, game-changing exercise. Participants leave with actionable practices to shut down this voice, recharge their power and fuel their confidence and leadership.

75-90 mins