FAST forward BOLD vision WORKSHOP 

What would extraordinary success look like one year from today?

Clients across industries are using the Fast Forward Bold Vision workshop to ignite their people, culture, and business. Kick off your offsite with this interactive session that gets people thinking big and gaining clarity about what success looks like in the year ahead.

Fast Forward’s Bold Vision exercise gives leaders an effective and efficient way to help your people dramatically expand what they see as possible for their business, career and life - and go after it with intention and discipline. In this provocative and interactive session, participants will:

  • Challenge limiting beliefs to unlock new possibilities

  • Move from setting predictable, safe goals to declaring bold, inspiring outcomes

  • Share aspirations – fueling connection and accountability

  • Leave motivated and equipped to finish their Bold Vision and share it

Thousands of executives around the world are using Fast Forward Visions to inspire themselves and their teams throughout the year. Clients include Facebook, Google, NBCU, JPMorgan Chase, Bloomberg, Domino’s, Nike, and Unilever.  

Groups range from 30 to 400. Timing ranges from 60 to 120 mins.