Fast Forward Women™ gives executives a regimen for High Performance Living that ignites confidence and elevates leadership.


Today’s always-on workplace is a pressure cooker of deadlines, demands and travel. Women have additional challenges as they are typically the primary caregiver for children and parents- and can be critical of themselves. Unconscious bias and the gender gap at senior levels of management can impact women’s confidence and ambition - even in the most enlightened organizations. Women can’t see a clear path up through the ranks that doesn’t require sacrifice and they lack role models to show them the way.


Fast Forward Women (FFW) addresses these challenges and gives women a practical, actionable regimen that helps them thrive professionally and personally. FFW is a pioneering, whole-life engagement that fuels women’s success in their business, career and life. FFW has a proven track record of producing results in several critical areas including ambition, confidence, resiliency, assertiveness, communication, relationships, and fulfillment. Women leave with:

  • A bold Vision that provides focus, clarity and inspiration - for career and life

  • A 90-day action plan to prioritize and produce results

  • Practices to increase confidence, resiliency and fulfillment

  • Communication skills to elevate influence and impact

  • A peer coach and powerful community to support their success

Fast Forward Women lead and live on their own terms.



Phase I: Pre-work/Immersion

We interview participants and executives to understand the business, culture and what it takes to ascend and succeed. We send participants vision pre-work two weeks in advance and also ask people to identify what could get in the way of their success.

Phase II: Fast Forward Workshops

Through a series of interactive and provocative exercises, women create a detailed vision and plan that leaves them inspired about the future and in action. We then go to work on identifying disempowering mindsets that get in the way of confidence, relationships and impact—and give participants practices to change them. Finally, we work on communication, helping people be present and listen with empathy, find their voice and speak with assertiveness and impact. Workshops are generally 3-4 months apart.

Phase III: Making it Stick

  • One-on-one coaching sessions support executives to operationalize regimen and elevate impact.

  • Buddy system provides peer coach and accountability partner

  • Graduate Communication to reinforce learning

  • Fast Forward In Action Sessions led by client to fuel lasting change


Why Fast Forward Women?

Fast Forward Women is a proven regimen for High Performance Living that ignites confidence and elevates leadership. It is practical and immediately actionable. Our leaders are successful business executives that bring their experience to our curriculum. Since our launch in 2013, over 6,000 people have experienced Fast Forward at companies including Facebook, Google, JPMC, NBCU, iHeartMedia, Bloomberg, Oath and Visa. Clients cite a profound and lasting impact on confidence, leadership, productivity, communication and fulfillment.