Fast Forward training and coaching ignites people and culture.

Our unique whole life approach has people dramatically expand what they see as possible for their business, career and life- and go after it with intention and discipline. When your people are lit up and firing on all cylinders, your business grows and your culture thrives.

THE challenge

Today’s always-on, high-pressure workplace is driven by aggressive goals, increased competition, change and uncertainty. The impact is a reactive, distracted workforce that often plays it safe, and feels stressed and overwhelmed. These dynamics are impacting productivity, growth, morale, and engagement.

the solution

Fast Forward puts your people back in the driver's seat. We give people a simple actionable regimen that helps them thrive and succeed in the face of any circumstances. Participants cite profound and lasting improvement in:

  • Being bold and taking risks

  • Confidence and resilience

  • Prioritization and time management

  • Communication and influence

  • Relationships and collaboration

  • Health and happiness 

When teams practice the Regimen, OUR CLIENTS
report meaningful improvement in


Fast Forward starts with Declaring a Bold Vision. Our Regimen of 8 Power Principles in the areas of Vision, Planning, Mindset, and Communication help make that Bold Vision a reality. Participants leave with:

  • A Bold Vision that provides focus and inspiration for the year ahead – professionally and personally

  • A 90-day action plan to prioritize and produce important outcomes

  • A peer coach for support and accountability

  • Team building   

  • Sales enablement   

How teams use us

  • Vision setting and annual planning

  • Leadership development

  • Cultural transformation


Phase I: Preparation (1 month)

  • Leader/Sponsor provides context for invite: “Why this? Why now?”

  • Participants do Bold Vision pre-work

Phase II: Live Session(s) (1 - 2.5 days over 6 months)

  • Fast Forward training

  • Provocative, interactive workshop with groups of 30

Phase III: Making It Stick (1 year)

  • FF Buddy System: peer coach and accountability partner

  • FF in Action online portal with tools

  • FF Webinars to deepen specific topic areas

  • FF weekly emails to reinforce regimen

Fast Forward ignites people to take ownership of their business, career and life.