Fast Forward™ gives leaders a regimen for High Performance Living that fuels people and culture and accelerates growth. 

THE challenge

Today’s always-on, high-pressure workplace is driven by aggressive goals, increased competition and the daily deluge of emails and meetings. People are more overwhelmed than ever, and the resulting stress and burnout has a high cost on performance, business and company culture. 

As a leader, you want your people to be bold, resilient and solutions-oriented. You want them to focus on what's important vs. urgent and lead with confidence. You believe a diverse, inclusive culture is a business imperative. You want to help people deal with the change, pressure and pace -- supporting their success professionally and personally. When people are fulfilled and firing on all cylinders, so will your business.

the solution

Fast Forward (FF) is a transformative development experience designed to fuel people and culture and accelerate growth. Our regimen gives people 8 Power Principles for High Performance Living over 2 days. Participants are left with actionable learning in 4 areas: Vision, Planning, Mindset and Communication. Post-program support includes 45- and 90-day follow up, and every participant gets a peer coach to support accountability and long-term change. 

Fast Forward gives leaders and teams:

  • A bold vision that provides clarity, focus and inspiration, professionally and personally
  • Tools to help prioritize and stay in action
  • Practices to fuel confidence, relationships and fulfillment
  • Communication skills to elevate influence and impact
  • A deep connection that fosters collaboration, respect and inclusion


Fast Forward is for companies looking to invest in leadership teams, intact business teams and high potential and high performing employees. Many clients scale Fast Forward offerings across their entire company.

Fast Forward ignites people to take ownership of their business, career and life.