When people are lit up and firing on all cylinders, your business grows and your culture thrives.


Today’s always-on, high-pressure workplace has a significant cost. People are risk-averse, reactive and stressed.

Fast Forward’s training and coaching puts your people back in the driver’s seat. Our unique whole life approach has them dramatically expand what they see as possible for their business, career and life - and go after it with intention and discipline.

create bold leaders

strengthen team effectiveness


“Fast Forward has changed what’s possible for the future of our business at Facebook. It’s energized people professionally and personally and changed how we communicate with our clients and colleagues. We launched the Fast Forward program in 2013 for everyone in our Global Sales Organization, and it’s been so valuable that we made it part of our Facebook onboarding for new executives and are bringing it to client and agency partners. I am proud that we have fueled thousands of careers and lives and will continue to do so.”
— Carolyn Everson, Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook
Fast Forward has given our senior leadership team a practical and powerful common language. The full life approach really resonated with this team – as did the use of a vision as the defining element of focus. We have rolled the approach out to all our regions and are really seeing the benefits. This is helping us to accelerate innovation and growth!
— Scott Wells, CEO Clear Channel Outdoor
I’ve worked with Fast Forward at three different companies. I can confidently rave about their outstanding ROI. With all three teams, I noticed a lasting difference in people’s mindset and behavior across discipline and levels: they’re thinking bigger and taking risks, they walk taller, speak up more and believe in themselves. They are more disciplined about their time and setting intentions for their meetings. It pays off by making us more focused and efficient. This is the best way I have seen to improve employee morale and do something actionable to grow your people and business.”
— Greg Glenday, Chief Executive Officer, AdSpace