Fast Forward Vision Exercise

Fast Forward one year from today - what does extraordinary success look like for you?

  • What were your accomplishments professionally? Be specific, describing the outcomes that you and your team produced. Use key metrics so you can track progress. 
  • Describe the culture of your team.
  • What were your accomplishments in other areas of your life that matter to you? Be vivid and specific. Areas can include: health/well-being, relationships, family, friends, community, recreation, finance, home, etc. 
  • How did you grow and improve? 
  • Describe the quality of important relationships.
  • What is your outlook on life?
  • What are you known for?

Additional Direction:

  • Consider: Why is this important to you? 
  • Share about your year as if it's already happened. Use past and present (vs. future) tense. 
  • You do NOT need to know HOW to get there. 
  • Visions are usually 1-3 pages in length in essay form vs. bullets. The questions above are to direct the thinking vs. be answered in a linear way.