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Fast Forward™ gives leaders a regimen for High Performance Living that ignites people and accelerates growth. It is practical and immediately actionable. Since our launch in 2013, thousands of people around the world have experienced Fast Forward. Our clients are passionate promoters of the work and include Facebook, Google, NBCU, IHeartMedia, OWN, Time Inc, Unilever, Bloomberg and JP Morgan Chase. Clients cite a profound and lasting impact on their business, culture and lives.


Fast Forward ignites people to take ownership of their business, career and life.



“Fast Forward has energized people professionally and personally, changed how we communicate with our clients and colleagues-  and step-changed what’s possible for the future of our business. We launched the FF program and manager coaching in early 2013 for everyone in our Global Sales Organization. It’s been so valuable that we made it part of our Facebook on-boarding for new execs and are bringing it to client and agency partners. I am proud that we have fueled thousands of careers and lives.”

— Carolyn Everson, Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook


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“In 2013, I was juggling many commitments — my family, a big job at a hyper-growth company, my health — and inevitably, important things were getting neglected. I thought, ‘this is just what it takes to excel in this level of management at a company like Facebook.’ Then I did Fast Forward and it was a game-changer. I decided it was possible to fulfill my commitments in every area that is truly important to me. The Vision and Whole Life Plan tools gave me a practical way to get it all on paper. The Plan was hard to develop, but worth it — it made my Vision operational — and it made me accountable because I shared it with my manager and my wife! Fast Forward…I am thriving at work leading three major verticals, have strong work/life balance, lost 20 pounds and paying it forward by ensuring everyone on my team uses the Fast Forward framework.”


— Simon Whitcombe, Group Lead, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

I have been through many trainings in my career. Nothing has stuck with me like the principles of Fast Forward. The tools are so practical and easy to apply — starting now. I have stopped using disclaimer language. I have started to choose a new perspective. I have a vision for myself that was different than I did a year ago — I am ready.  Ready to be the best version of myself — as a business leader, a mentor, a colleague, and more importantly as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

— Mita Mallick, Director, Diversity Outreach & Inclusion, Unilever North America

“Fast Forward has given our team a common language and tools for a high performance culture, which is key to ensuring the team and each person is realizing their full potential. Everyone now uses their Vision and Whole Life Plan to stay focused on what’s important at Google, and in other areas of their lives. We are having more effective, outcome-driven conversations with clients, making assertions and recommendations to forward their business. I would recommend Fast Forward to any leader looking to take an already successful team to the next level, and give people something they will use throughout their career and their lives.”

— Tara Walpert-Levy, Managing Director, Agency Team, Google

“Fast Forward has given our senior leadership team a practical and powerful common language. The full life approach really resonated with this team – as did the use of a vision as the defining element of focus. We have rolled the approach out to all our regions and are really  seeing the benefits. I’m personally excited to see how this is helping us to accelerate innovation and growth!”

— Scott Wells, CEO Clear Channel Outdoor

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“Fast Forward has had a significant and lasting impact on our productivity, communication and team culture. As a marketing organization with 70 people in 15 countries, this was a strategic investment to give people a common playbook/language of principles and tools. It’s been particularly valuable in two areas — first, getting managers connected with their people on long-term vision and short-term coaching and second, being assertive with sales teams on how to elevate contributions to customers. The Fast Forward two-day experience is transformative, and the follow-up is key to making it stick.”

— Debbie Weinstein, Director, Brand Solutions & Innovations, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Google

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“Fast Forward has given our team the conviction that they can accomplish more than they ever thought possible — and it begins with having a Vision. Their approach is simple and actionable,   reminding us that discipline, preparation and practice are key to high performance sales teams.”

— Tim Castelli, President, National Sales Marketing & Partnerships, iHeartMedia

“When I decided to bring Fast Forward into our organization, I did not fully understand the impact it would have on our employees and teams. Initially, I looked for a sales training program, and what I found instead is a partner interested in learning about our people and business— a team that inspires and uncovers excellence, and is committed to making a difference. The power of this program is realized when teams rally around the Power Principles, use the common language, and support each other in marching toward their visions.”

— Amy Rossi, Senior Director, Training and Development, comScore, Inc.

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"In the midst of phenomenal transformation in our company, Fast Forward set up our team to drive a high performance culture where each individual has the opportunity to play at their best, both professionally and personally. Fast Forward is a powerful movement that results in people feeling in control, and fueled about what's possible. We now set bold visions— and then plan the work and work the plan!"

Marta Martinez, Senior Vice President, AOL Advertising