Fast Forward™ gives leaders a regimen for High Performance Living that ignites people and accelerates growth. 

THE challenge

In today’s always-on, high-pressure workplace fueled by aggressive goals, increased competition and the daily deluge of emails and meetings – people are more overwhelmed than ever before. The resulting stress and burnout exacts a high cost, impacting performance, business growth and talent retention.

As the leader, you want it to look different—you want your people to be bold, resilient, innovative and collaborative. You want them to ruthlessly prioritize, be customer focused and lead with confidence. You want to eradicate cynicism and complaining. You believe that when people are fulfilled and firing on all cylinders, so will your business.

the solution

For an organization to function at its best, leaders must invest in their most important growth lever: people. People’s actions are correlated to the future they see as possible. Often this is limited by
past experience or current circumstances. Our transformative methodology has people consider: What would extraordinary success look like one year from today for their business, career and life?  We help them formulate a bold vision that gives them clarity of purpose and inspires them. They then turn their vision into an action plan and go to work on disempowering mindsets and behavior that could get in the way. Clients cite our whole life approach as unique in the market...a game-changer that has a profound and lasting impact.

Fast Forward gives leaders and teams:

  • A bold vision to drive focus, accountability and results, at work and in life. 
  • Tools to help prioritize and stay in action
  • Practices to fuel confidence, relationships and fulfillment
  • Communication skills to elevate influence and impact
  • A deep connection that fosters collaboration and respect

Fast Forward ignites people to take ownership of their business, career and life.

how it works

PHASE 1: Pre-work/Immersion

Work with leader to formulate your vision a year from today. Interview participants to gain insight into team business and culture. 

PHASE 2: Fast Forward Two Day Workshop

Through a series of interactive and provocative exercises, participants create a detailed vision and plan that leaves them inspired about the future and in action. We then go to work on identifying disempowering mindsets that get in the way of their confidence and relationships—and give people practices to change them. Finally, we work on communication helping people be present, listen with empathy and speak with impact. 

PHASE 3: Fast Forward in Action

  • One-on-one coaching sessions support executives in following through on commitments
  • Buddy system provides peer coach and accountability partner
  • Graduate communication to reinforce mindset and behavioral change
  • Whole Life Plan workshop led by client