Deborah Narder Fenwick

Facilitator and High Performance Coach

Deborah is a facilitator and coach for the Fast Forward Group.
She helps professionals grow their leadership capacities as their
businesses and responsibilities evolve. She challenges managers
to consider what kind of leaders they truly aspire to be and works
with them to make their intentions become reality.

She also works on impactful communication and presence by
training executives to be authentic, motivating speakers.

Deborah is also committed to the role women play in business
and how they contribute as leaders. She helps them define and
implement the positioning that suits them best, as they juggle
challenging agendas both at the workplace and at home, and as
they take on senior management positions.

Fluent in English, French and Italian Deborah is based in Paris and
works with professionals across Europe in FMCGs, media
companies, energy and transport multinationals as well as

Previous to being a coach, she worked in global marketing for 20
years, for luxury products and cosmetics with Unilever Italy and
L’Oréal France.

Deborah has a BSc. in Economics (London School of Economics
and Political Science), a marketing major (SDA Bocconi Milan) and
is a certified CTI coach (CPCC).

After having lived in Zambia, England and Italy she has chosen to
settle in France where she lives with her husband, 2 daughters and
beige labrador Gin.